Greek people, HELP PLSSSSS?

Schooling’ is often thought to occur in the lower grades, where children are taught the basics which enable them to continue learning at the higher educational institutions. The difference between the definitions is subjective. As communities grew, knowledge expanded, inventions came more frequently, and a greater need for the next generations to have a more formal educational process developed. No one actually knows when formal schooling began. Could it have been with the cavemen training their children with the survival skills to continue their lives, and pass their skills on to countless generations of descendents? There are many methods of getting greek people, HELP PLSSSSS? higher education, and many theories for the most expedient and superlative manner to accomplish the goals.

There are many varieties of approaches to identify the student’s abilities and aptitudes, and is a sales associate job a suitable job for a recent college grad w/ a marketing degree? methodologies that focus on how personalities affect learning abilities. Grouping students together in common locations has existed and continued since the ancient Greek times. Since students learn differently, there is not one all-encompassing solution for education or schooling. Education improved as the communities developed, but no one knows when schooling actually began. I need more genuine answers on my mail urjently. I hope you will send me more documnet to learn and could sugest me for further study!

Please, what are the main goals of education? There is one thing you failed to mention that is a difference between schooling and education that I have found pertinent in my life. If one questions the books as written or that taught, one is most often given a failing grade. It is accepted that if one is failing in school, one will continue to be a failure in life. If one questions the standard quo at one’s work, those in charge tend to look at you and judge you as not a team player or trouble. In order to remember that which has been forgotten, one has to learn to ask questions. And usually brings another type of success.

The truth is know thyself and the truth will set you free. Freedom from the fear of asking questions, and of failure. Or fear of belonging to any one organization. In the Army one is trained to respond to any given situation without question, whether it be physical or mental. In physical danger, without thought, fight or flight and preferably to fight. And survive or advance in combat or in the organization. It is not that I am smarter than any one else, but that I spend more time on the question. Please note: comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment.

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